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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Born-again pain in the jacksy

Met a guy today who was intent on converting me.
I was doing a stint down at the job club - guidance and advice. Makes it sound like I know what I'm talking about. Well I don't! Well maybe just a bit.

I asked him what kind of job he was after.... to which he answered,

"8 years ago I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ......................."

What's that got to do with Jobsearch???

HELP!!! What is with these people? Does he go home and put a little star on the 'Witnessing to poor, unsuspecting normal-people' chart on the fridge door? 'Hey, honey, I'm home! Witnessed to seven heathens, a dyke, a scab-encrusted baby and a crazy lunatic hobo today. They all told me to bugger off, but I'm sure Jesus is smiling at me'.

Do Christians have some kind of written note from God excusing them from common courtesy?

'To whom it may concern.

Please underline as appropriate.

My son / daughter (in Christ) has got no social skills and is a total pain in the arse. Please excuse him / her from being a reasonable citizen as he / she is stupid enough to think that ramming his / her beliefs down people's throats in some way is a caring and endearing way to behave.
Obviously dying on the cross wasn't quite enough for him / her, he / she still feels the need to make amends by making a total laughing-stock of himself / herself.

Sorry about that.



He spent the whole time avoiding my questions and talking about Jesus.... kept asking me if I 'believed'.
Well my position as a professional means that I can't impose my personal views on him. Shame, because he obviously didn't share the same scruples.
I suspect he might have been a tiny bit offended if I'd told him that I think all Christians are hypocritical bastards.

If I ever want saving, it's from hymn-crazed sawn-off bible carrying people like him.


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