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Thursday, June 16, 2005

pink = girls?

I'm not a political animal, just your average person with a larger-than-average set of opinions.
Oh, and I'm ususally right.
Obviously I don't claim to be right all the time, but I'd have to invite you to come outside with me for a little chat if you dare argue...;-)

Anyhow, I just need to share something that REALLY gets on my nerves, and that's pink sections for girly stuff in supermarkets.

What's all that about then?

Who was it who sat back and decided that pink should always denote all things female, and blue, all things male.
OY!!! I've got boobs, but my favourite colour is blue....... and I can't stand pink!

Last time I looked, pink was a colour... same as orange, and emerald and yellow... you know, the result of other colours mixed together.
What's that got to do with gender?

I was browsing for birthday cards for my girlfriend in Tesco, and I had to enter this enormous PINK ZONE... it was like standing in a giant intestine. -Maybe it's just me, but all the women's cards seemed that extra bit crap, doubtless due to the fact that it seemed compulsory to daub frilly stuff and glittery doily things over everything.
I tell you, I couldn't get out quick enough.

The blue section was loads better. The blokes are treated to cards with Humour as opposed to Sequins.

And while I'm on the subject of stereotyping, I was in Woolworths a couple of weeks ago and couldn't help noticing that all the toys were split into 'Boys Toys' (blue area) and 'Girls Toys' (pink area).
Needless to say, when I was little, I would rather have eaten my own legs than played with the rubbish on offer in the 'Girls' section. Give me a Mutant-Killer-Power-Water-Cannon anyday, over a Little Princess I'm-Being-Primed-for-Wifedom-and-Subsequent-Breeding Spangley Pushchair.



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