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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday Game

This is another game loosely based on PacMan.
The old ones are the best, eh?

*Note for local government employees.... I don't think this will get past Websense, but the Pacman might.

The aim is to collect all the gold from the underground shafts, while avoiding getting your pipe eaten by monsters. The pipe has a little PacMan head on the end of it... don't let it bump into a bomb, it will be blown off.
The bombs can pass by the pipes without doing you any harm.

Eat the monsters and make the most of the timers (which will freeze everything for a few seconds) to reach the lower levels.

Good points: Inane, addictive and simple. Only ten levels which means I can justify having a quick go in my teabreak. (I haven't got past level 7 yet)

Bad points: I haven't found any way to turn the sound off... and you need both hands, so you can't fool the boss and you can't really eat a sandwich at the same time.



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