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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday Game

For those of us who still live in the past, Lightning Pool is a godsend.

It's true that back in my student days I was a right hustler at pool.
This was due to the hours I spent in the refectory perfecting my shots. A lecture dodged, 20p for the first game, a paper cup shoved down each pocket to ensure hours of free play and it was well within my finances.

Now, I still think I'm good at pool but I haven't won a game for at least 6 years. The last time I played, Imp slaughtered me.. she cleaned up before I even had a chance to invent some excuses to explain away my crapness.

On my computer, however, I rule. She gets the sharp end of my elbow if she even casts a shadow near this keyboard. I am the best player ever at Lightning Pool and I daren't give her the opportunity of beating me.
Back off, sista.

The nice thing about this game is that if, like me, you have a pitifully short attention span, it shamelessly entertains. The table changes every time you clear it... to something even more improbable and a tiny bit more difficult. It becomes a pinball table, a golf course, a hovering disc in space. Collect coins for bonus levels.

The controls are easy - aim using your mouse and left-click to determine the power.

WARNING - Make sure you switch the sound off if you're at work (not that I think for one moment that any of you would be able to drag your eyes away from your spreadsheets) because the sound can be a bit loud at the beginning.



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