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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Game

Did you know that tarn, yare, ane, cep and yar are words? No?
Nor me.
You would have scored an extra 5 points for knowing that on WeBoggle - the web version of Boggle.

The nice thing about this game is that you play against an unspecified number of players or teams from around the world... and you are guaranteed to be somewhere near the bottom, but never the lowest! The games are continuous - jump on, jump off.

The rules are simple - type in as many words as you can spot in the 3 minutes allowed and then recklessly invent any old word for the remaining few seconds.

Anyway, I can't stand around chatting, I've got to chyafo my votfad before the sqarootch comes off.



  • At March 20, 2006 3:12 am, Blogger pissoff said…

    Ohhhh, I love Boggle. I, at one time, was the Boggle queen. I might have to go find my disc and have a game now.

  • At March 20, 2006 11:40 am, Blogger Spinsterella said…

    tarn - yes
    yare - no
    ane - no
    cep - yes
    yar - well sort of, but I thought it was only used by pirates and the correct spelling was "yaaarrrrr".

  • At March 20, 2006 1:08 pm, Blogger funny thing said…

    I thought 'yar' was 'yes' for posh people.

  • At March 20, 2006 7:36 pm, Blogger Imogen said…

    'Yar' is not 'yes' for posh types! I have my sources, and they reliably inform me posh types say 'yarsss'.
    Most of these make sense though- apart from 'tarn' and 'cep': two yes words, suprisingly.

    Think I need to work on my obliging side?


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