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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Game

Sometimes you just need to say "To hell with it all," and blow a few things up.

Other days you just need to say "To hell with it all," and blow yourself up.

This is a blowing-yourself-up day.
In a fishing boat.
So don't expect it to be logical.

You have a tiny little planet, a tugboat and a load of missiles being launched at you. A bit of a bad day, then, at anyone's stretch of the imagination.

Obviously as everyone knows, rainbows are Good and therefore can be used to repair health levels or to use as barriers against all the naughty things.
I do it all the time, but I get funny looks in the street.

Oh, and don't forget to catch fish.

X-treme Tugboating is a really nice, colourful, slightly off the wall game. Wacky graphics and tidy little effects, once you've got used to the weird perspective. Hugely addictive and a fantastic coffee-break game.
Best of all, you only need one hand, thus leaving the other free as usual for Other Stuff.



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