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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday Game

Imp and I have been gardening today and I managed not to get eaten alive by ants or to get munched to nothingness by other creepy-crawlies.
Can't say the same for the plants we were supposed to be guarding. I shall be rushing out first thing tomorrow morning to buy a massive industrial-size cannister of slug pellets and a .22 rifle to 'persuade' next doors cats to stay away.
If the rifle doesn't work I will be resorting to land mines.

On a lighter note, I have been spending the past hour guiding Orangutwang through a maze of spiders and wasps in an effort to collect all the bananas.

Er.. yep.

Imp is in the front room typing up important reports and being Grown Up. I am in the dining room playing Orangutwang.
Says it all, really.

For those of you who have no dignity (or work ethic), check it out.
This is a brilliant *teabreak game* (ahem) as it is mouse controlled, therefore leaving the other hand free for ringing through to the person opposite you to ask them to fetch you a cuppa. Honestly, you'll be dead popular.



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