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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wednesday Game

In view of the fact that I didn't post a game on Sunday, here's a little something to keep you going 'til the weekend.
If you're not playing this, you should be!!!

Zwok is a cross between Worms and any other tank/crossbow shooting game you've ever played... but better by far.
Created by Playstation, it's a nice little multiplayer. Normally I don't play multiplayers as you end up having to learn an A level's-worth of instructions and controls and I just can't be bothered. However, this little beauty takes about 30 seconds to learn and each game only takes a couple of minutes.
Perfect teabreak material :) The sound is switch on and offable too.

Create a character, pick your weapon (which you earn as you play), point and wait for the fallout. It's great!



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