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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Game

Back in the long and distant past, long before television had been invented and we had to make our own entertainment, I used to spend hours standing in Woolworths playing Tetris on the Gameboy stand.

Hours and hours and hours and hours.

Somehow that open-mouthed fascination still hasn't gone away (even though I am now officially 'Grown Up').

Luckily There is this:

Even more fortunately, it isn't on a stand in Woolworths... which means I can drink coffee and talk to myself and sometimes even fart* without worrying about disgracing myself.

My highest score is 30, 985 and IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO GET ON THE LEADERBOARD. Oh, the shame.

If you know how to score high, let me know pleeeeasee.


*In a ladylike way, of course


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